Mothers Day / Spring Clean Special Offer

Oven Perfect

Spring Clean  Mothers Day Special Offer

Grime, grease and yucky mess got the better of your oven?

Did you cringe a little when preparing a meal for Mother’s Day, Easter Sunday or still have nightmares from the state of the oven following the Christmas turkey?

Cooking is meant to be enjoyable, the passion that goes into rustling up the perfect dish for family, friends and partners. But it’s a problem when the delectable aromas of fresh spices and hearty food are masked by overtones of burnt remnants from months, even years of grease splashes and spilled liquids – your oven is a far cry from the shiny clean appliance you invested in all those years ago.

You are not alone – most people’s ovens are in of a little TLC

A great many households find it difficult to keep the kitchen in shipshape, especially when it comes to maintaining a sparkling oven, hob or microwave – food particles have a habit of sticking around.

With the Oven Perfect Spring Clean Special Offer you can take advantage of a winter clean without the hassle, elbow grease and time to do it yourself.

Say goodbye to grease, fat and burnt on carbon deposits from your kitchen appliances.

  • Spotless, no smell or residue, just a perfectly clean finish 100% Guaranteed
  • No harsh chemicals and no scrubbing
  • Safe, hygienic and fume- free environment

Get in touch today to book an Oven Perfect deep clean and let your cooking become a creative joy not a dismal chore –

call 0800 772 3544.

We clean domestic ovens, commercial ovens, extraction fans, hob top, range cookers, BBQs and AGAs.

Let us know what you need cleaning and we’ll be in touch

* Offer only available during March – May.

* Terms and conditions apply – Please talk to us if you have specific requirements or appliances that require cleaning.